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Revealed: Five Ways to Optimize Website Speed !

Website Speed, Web Design, Google Speed

We all love speed, I am sure, each one of you does. May it be racing cars or speedy downloading. In today’s technological era, being so busy the entire day in our work, nobody has time to browse through a


Tribute Free WordPress Theme

Tribute theme

We have been creating WordPress Themes for our clients for a long time now. But this is our first attempt to contribute something free to the WordPress community and this will go on. Tribute is our first Free WordPress Theme which


How to Increase Loading Speed for your WordPress Sites?

loading speed of WordPress site

WordPress is an incredibly efficient and good looking platform for your site, for these reasons being used by very many people out there. If you choose WordPress to start your own site, you made an excellent choice. Still, there is


What to Expect from Good Free WordPress Themes?

free wordpress themes

Internet is flooded with Free WordPress Themes, but there are very few we can choose for an eye catching website. Choosing a right theme is the most important decision you have to make as a bad theme may confuse the


A Primer On Responsive Web Design For The Non-Techie

Responsive Web Design

The birth of tablets and smartphones led to the evolution of websites, churning out what is now known as responsive web design or RWD. This term was coined by author Ethan Marcotte in his book Responsive Web Design. Unlike before,


How to Create a Perfect Responsive WordPress Theme?

Responsive Wordpress

What makes WordPress popular is the fact that it is an open-source blogging or CMS platform that is scalable and affordable to all. Many people develop their websites on this platform because it has various compatible themes, like Responsive WordPress


Common WordPress Errors and Steps to Fix Them!

Common Wordpress Errors

While WordPress is really easy to use, there are common WordPress errors that can make you panic or smash your desk in frustration. Good news is that the error you are seeing on your site had most likely been reported and


How PHP helps in changing User Roles and Capabilities in WordPress?

User Roles and Capabilities

WordPress is known to come with a powerful yet simple user management system where users have capabilities which are based on the specific roles they are assigned to. WordPress comes with the following five default user roles and capabilities: –


Comley Free WordPress Theme

comley free wordpress theme

Comley – is a beautiful free wordpress theme with responsive layout. Built with a modern flat design, it is perfect for any kind of business, portfolio, or personal site. This theme is fully responsive, created with bootstrap v3.3.5 and it


Mynah Free WordPress Theme – Multipurpose and Responsive

Mynah Free WordPress Theme

Are you looking to renew your website or make it look different? You might have become bored with the way your homepage looks or you might want to get rid of unnecessary layout elements your website has ! After a