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Get Your Hands On Top Performing Keywords With Y Design Keyword Research Services For Amazon.

Identifying the phrases that your potential customers search for in the Amazon search bar and targeting those keywords in your listing copy is a sure-shot technique to expand your product reach and grow your customers. Amazon algorithm indexes the keywords used in the title, bullet points, description, and backend search terms to find the most relevant products for a customer’s search query. Failing to include the high-opportunity and profitable keywords in these sections would mean stopping thousands of potential buyers from reaching your product page.

Our Amazon keyword research experts manually collect all the relevant product-related key phrases, search them in various keyword research tools for Amazon and sort the keywords based on volume, convertibility, and relevance to get the final set of keywords. A thorough keyword research list that we generate works as a catalyst for bringing valuable traffic to your detail page. With our Amazon Keyword Search Services, you can create successful PPC campaigns, optimize your product listings, increase visibility, connect with more customers, and ultimately grow your sales and profits.

Amazon keyword research process

Step 1 - Finding Keywords

Put together a small list of phrases with one, two, or three words that describe your product

Step 2 - Finding Amazon Keywords from Amazon Search Suggestions

Only Relevant Amazon keywords are keywords we want to keep during the keyword research process.

Step 3 - Sorting and Reviewing Keywords by Search Popularity

We are going to cover how to best distinguish which keywords you should prioritize and used first by sorting and reviewing the list of Amazon keywords found using an Amazon keyword research tool

Step 4 - Keyword Optimization

Once we have a healthy list of Amazon keywords identified, it's time to add them to your product listing, Amazon PPC campaign, or use them in your Amazon affiliate marketing efforts.

Target Audience

Understand the search behavior and pattern of your potential customers is the base for keyword research, as different prospects search different phrases for a single product.

Search Volume

Difference of spacing or spelling can lead to a significant difference in search volume e.g. difference in the word Face Wash & Facewash is huge in terms of keyword volume.

Reverse Lookup

Unveiling the keywords and high volume head terms on which your competitors are ranking using Reverse ASIN Lookup strategies competitive analysis tool for effective Amazon keyword optimization.

Amazon's Suggestion

Keywords by Amazon’s auto-suggest dropdown is based on phrases used by buyers to search a particular product. For meticulous keyword expansion, use of those keywords is equally necessary.

Competitive Terms

Using the blurry keyword which has a high search volume and high competition is not worth targeting. E.g. facewash. Instead use a phrase with good volume, low competition and which suits the buyer’s need. E.g. Facewash for Acne.


Keyword research customized for multiple marketplaces including India, US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany.


Amazon will recognize the listing that converts and not the listing with maximum keywords stuffing. Simply stuffing the content with high volume keywords is not enough. We choose the keywords which are relevant to your product.

Research Tools

Keyword research for Amazon products is done by using the most popular and leading keyword research tools to ensure that none of the important keywords are missed.