5 Secrets about Video Graphics that mesmerize you

Video designing is not an easy task which is why whenever a designer gets stuck, he is asked to follow the KISS method. Keep it simple, stupid! Simplicity seems to be the key to success these days. It is applied when it comes to marketing or designing website because the viewers love to have a simply perfect proposal at hand. Same goes for video making. While working with the video graphics, it is necessary to make sure you do it the right way to cast the effect you’ve been long dying to.

The time when designers used to work on Flash is long gone and the software requirement is now replaced with After Effects, Motion Graphics or any other HTML, JS and CSS motion graphic technology. The social media company Dubai talk about how the software brand advertises its product software on the social media all the time.

Thus, to help you in the process of crafting the high-quality graphic videos, we have gathered the top 5 secrets of video graphics and how you can improve it. They are as follows:

1. Ensure seamless transition of scenes

This is a pretty simple element that can secretly increase the popularity of your video. The viewers love to see things that have a link with each other and flow from one scene to another in a nice, soft manner. They do not like to be interrupted in the process and so this is why you need to ensure incorporation of video transitions in your motion graphic. From templates to text, you can use transitions for whichever element you like. Programs like After Effect offer pre-made animations that can help you spice up the graphics of your video. Do try them!

2. A mixture of 2D and 3D effect

Do you want to know how the designers give a classy, stylish and illustrative look to their videos? Well, revealing their secret would make them furious, wouldn’t it? But we are here to offer you all the secret elements and so the trick behind this is the use of both, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects together. The designers experiment with the position of both type of objects and offer a bird’s eye view of the big things. Heavy use of angles offers the same results as well. This technique plays with complex visual to deliver exquisite video graphics results.

3. Making a rough draft do the trick

Video Graphics

When it comes to experimenting with layers, you need to know beforehand how you are going to arrange the different objects. Making multiple lower thirds, opening title graphic and credit rolls altogether isn’t an easy task. What helps here is sketching a rough draft that helps in designing the video. Once your idea is on the rough page, you can check out the placement of the objects/ texts, measure the scale and see whether the design alignment looks fine or not. The rest of the changes can be made in the final version as well.

4. Use rich visual themes and handcraft elements as well

The use of themes that are rich in picture quality and design is an essential part. The theme must go well with the story line, your message and mood. From motions to transition, color scheme to typeface, everything must be considered before finalizing the video. A new technique seen in the market is handcrafting. It merges the live-action elements with the CGI components to deliver one of the best video graphics. The craft work is done and brought to life in this technique. It not only mesmerizes the viewers but also compels them to think about the techniques behind the artwork.

5. Simplified iconography

Video Graphics

Like mentioned previously, simplicity is taking over. The trend of using static logos is vanishing and more creative, minimal design animated logos are taking over to create brand awareness. The social media service Dubai talk about how simple iconographic videos are seen on the social media networks. They offer a modern approach and attract more and more customers to the brand.

These five secret elements are your sure shot road to success in the career of video graphics designing. Whether you use a single one or use them all together, it’s your choice but either way, they’ll produce good results.



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