How to Increase Loading Speed for your WordPress Sites?

WordPress is an incredibly efficient and good looking platform for your site, for these reasons being used by very many people out there. If you choose WordPress to start your own site, you made an excellent choice. Still, there is one aspect that bothers most users, and that is the loading speed of WordPress site. WordPress is excellent to use and affordable, but it is far from being perfect. But, if you think speed is something you cannot improve, think again, because there are methods for making this better. Yes, it is not a secret, and anyone can bring improvements to this chapter, without the need of being a rocket scientist.

When we have to tackle a problem, we have to look at its roots to find the cause that triggered the problem, and not at its outer layer. There is a statement saying that a fish will always start to stink out from its head. So, you need to have a smart approach to making your site work faster, for the enjoyment of your visitors. Here is a step-by-step strategy to achieve that:

Analyze the Core

Everything in this world has a core, including websites. So if you need to improve loading speed of WordPress site, it is obvious that this is the best place to start. The performance and speed will be dictated by the way the core is structured and functions. So how can you solve the core of a slow working site? You need to optimize its content. Start by getting a reliable DNS, work through a hosting that is specially designed for WordPress, a clean and clear theme, and a list of plugins without any excesses.

Check out your current DNS

Sounds too complicated? Well, it is not like this in reality. Actually, you don’t need to know too much about DNSs. But one thing is necessary for every WordPress site owner to know, and that is that without a properly working DNS, your site won’t appear in the browser. So it is useless to make everything else work if your DNS is not doing its job. You can check out its performances by running a test, the Pingdom test, to see its speed. A fast loading DNS should take place in a matter of seconds, if not, at least, you will know where the problem is.

Be careful about your Hosting

Do you think that a general purpose hosting will suffice for your WordPress site? Think again, because hosting made especially to fit WordPress was not developed without a purpose. An unsuited hosting will mean a low performance and speed of your site, so get the right hosting for your site and the adequate caching.

Keep the WordPress Themes and Plugins clean

Even if you solved the caching issues and you got a more efficient one for your WordPress site, it won’t be able to tackle a theme that has too much on it. So opting for a clean theme will come to your advantage. The same rule should be applied when it comes to plugins as well. It is true that a WordPress site can handle a lot of plugins, more precisely above 40, but only if they are chosen correctly. One single wrong plugin in the entire group is enough to spoil the speed of your site. So try to keep the folders dedicated to plugins as clean as possible so that loading speed of WordPress site is not affected.

Now you have the recipe of how to have a much faster WordPress Site!

As you can see, it is not impossible, not hard to achieve. Take each aspect and break it down into smaller steps and get on it. It may be easy to set up a site this way, but all these details will make the difference between a well-set site and just another site that is trying to occupy some space on the Internet. If you want to offer top-quality services to your customers, a site that loads fast and looks pristine is your secret for success.



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