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Why should we pay for Premium WordPress Themes?

Why should we pay for premium wordpress themes

Premium WordPress Themes are designed to cater the business interest of the developers which they create solely for the purpose of making money. The price is worthwhile from the user point of view, if one analyses the premium features of WordPress


What compels to opt Premium WordPress Themes over Free Themes ?


Premium WordPress Themes are specifically designed and customized as per as your need with enhanced features like drag and drop builders, shortcodes, multiple layouts and templates, and unlimited color choices. Beside these with the help of a custom template, one can develop


Know about latest WordPress Version 4.8

wordpress version 4.8

This article will bring out the features of the latest WordPress Version 4.8 which the user around would find it extremely helpful. WordPress released its latest version 4.8 on June 8, 2017 and it’s named for jazz pianist and composer


5 Secrets about Video Graphics that mesmerize you

Video Graphics

Video designing is not an easy task which is why whenever a designer gets stuck, he is asked to follow the KISS method. Keep it simple, stupid! Simplicity seems to be the key to success these days. It is applied


Backyard – A Stunning Free WordPress Theme by Y Design Services

Backyard Free and Premium WordPress Theme

Everyday numerous themes are developed and presented to for approval which is platform to download and install software script called WordPress. Getting approved your WordPress Themes is not an easy task as it involves rigorous scrutiny and approval on


Adding Custom Author Profile Page to WordPress

Adding Custom Author Profile Page to WordPress

Do you want to add a custom author profile page to your WordPress site? Most WordPress themes have minimal author profile detail on their author archive page. This article will enable you to generate custom author profile page in WordPress.


How to Upload PDF Files to WordPress Site?

Upload PDF Files to WordPress

Do you want to upload PDF files to WordPress site? WordPress enables you to comfortably upload PDF files and make them accessible for download. In this article, you would be shown to comfortably upload PDF files to WordPress site. Steps


WannaCry Ransomware: The neoteric cyber attack

WannaCry Ransomware

The world on 12 May faced an unprecedented cyber attack from WannaCry Ransomware that targeted the computers running on the Microsoft operating system. The WannaCry ransomeware is said to have infected more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries with the


5 Best Image Optimize Plugin For your WordPress Website

Everyone hates slow websites, and if you’ve got one, it will slaughter your income (I hope it haven’t begun to happen already). Google, as we all know, is also obsessed with cutting down load-time speed, since this feature has become


Revealed: Five Ways to Optimize Website Speed !

Website Speed, Web Design, Google Speed

We all love speed, I am sure, each one of you does. May it be racing cars or speedy downloading. In today’s technological era, being so busy the entire day in our work, nobody has time to browse through a